STC Lets its Customers Stay in Permanent Contact via ‘Mawjood Hatif’ Service

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STC enabled its existing and new customers stay connected to the landline at home or office when they are on the move or travel especially in vacation times through ‘Mawjood Hatif’ service.

This service allows customers view calls made to their landline when there is no answer or the line was busy by receiving a text message to their cell phones showing the number and name of the calling party, time and date of call in order to keep the customer fully informed of all calls made to his landline.

Mawjood Hatif service keeps the customer always informed of all calls received to their telephones via an immediate reminder text message to his cell phone.

The customer can choose to receive this message to one or two mobile numbers knowing that installation of the service is free of charge against SR5 monthly subscription charge.

To know how to subscribe to Mawjood Hatif service you can send a text message containing the number 2204 from you cell phone to 907.

It is to be noted that all customers can subscribe to the service by just sending a text message containing the number 2200 to 907 or calling 907 Call Center or through STC website or visiting the nearest Customer Service Offices spread all over the kingdom.