NetDragon’s ‘Total Football Online’ goes open beta on September 26th


NetDragon, a leading innovator and creative force in online gaming and mobile internet industries, revealed that ‘Total Football Online’ ( has completed its game experience testing and game quality improvement during its 2 week closed beta testing phase. The company, which remains fully committed in promoting the development of online games in the Arabic world, has announced that ‘Total Football Online’ will go into open beta testing at 10:00 am, September 26th, 2013(AST).

‘Total Football Online’ is a web-game based on the UDFA Champions League. As a football team manager, players need to search for talented players among the top five football leagues in Europe by helicopter to build up an invincible football team.

During the closed beta phase, players were full of praise on the realness of Total Football Online, which includes more than 2,000 football players in the real world! Each player you searched is absolutely unique–even including the most brilliant super stars are at your beck and call like Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta of La Liga, Gerrard, Van Persie, Rooney of Premier League, Kaka, Higuain and Pirlo of Serie A. All these bigwigs will no doubt play important roles in your dream team!

Screenshot 2

Player development, one of the featured systems of ‘Total Football Online,’ was also highly recognized by players during the closed beta. Different from the complicated team management of the traditional football games, ‘Total Football Online’ places more emphasis on player development by adding the attribute system of RPG, thereby making the ability development realistic but easy to operate.

Furthermore, the outstanding game animation really made a splash! Players can not only watch the real-time game animation and wonderful commentary, but also switch between full view and dynamic view to witness the cliff-hanging moments.

A variety of wonderful events will be available each day during the open beta.


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