Wacom launches its first cloud based services


Wacom is announcing the availability of Dropzone and Control Room; two new cloud based services that offer fast and easy access to images and personal settings in an increasingly mobile environment. Offering up to 2GB of free storage, Dropzone enables users to save images of their creative work in the cloud so that they are accessible from many different devices, anywhere, anytime.

Control Room offers a storage service for individual Wacom pen, tablet and display settings, saving the user time on configuration when they want to use their familiar settings on a different device of the same type. Both Dropzone and Control Room are easy to use, free of charge and work independently from existing services or operating systems.

Heidi Wang, Vice President Technology Marketing at Wacom, comments: “Through our customers feedback and success of the Companion, our Stylus range and software, it’s clear that people work on the go and across multiple platforms. To make the change from one device to the other just a little bit easier, the new Wacom Cloud services provide users with an easy to use and safe hub for their images and familiar settings.” The two services are Wacom’s first step into cloud based services that in the future will provide a system to connect multiple devices with shared features in a comprehensive and user-friendly open ecosystem.

Dropzone is an intuitive service that allows users to easily store and access their images on any computer or device, at any time. It works just like a personal clipboard to quickly copy and paste images. With up to 2GB of free storage, it is particularly useful for those who like to work or connect from various locations and who create work using multiple devices. It also provides peace of mind as all images can be backed-up and saved for the event a computer’s hard drive fails.

Dropzone is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and iOS and supports all common raster graphics image formats. Additionally, the note taking and drawing app, Bamboo Paper for iOS, is introducing Dropzone as an integrated feature to make importing images and exporting notes or drawings even easier.

When working across multiple computers, customising tablet settings and adding shortcuts etc. can be time consuming and complicated. Control Room allows users to save their preferred Wacom Intuos and Cintiq settings in the Wacom Cloud and access them when needed.

These settings can then be uploaded quickly and easily on to another device. Control Room is compatible with many of the current Intuos and Cintiq products and is available for free in the Wacom Desktop Centre, which comes with the product drivers.

For both services a Wacom Cloud account is needed. Users can sign up at https://cloud.wacom.com where they can also download Dropzone as native app for iOS, Windows and Mac OS.