Reef Mall brings ‘Dexter’s Lab’ to Dubai


From 15 to 24 January, Reef Mall will exclusively stage “Dexter’s Lab” – a fascinating interactive science show based on Cartoon Network’s popular comic science fiction television series. The workshop lets children into the enchanting world of Dexter, the lovable child genius who whips up dazzling, world-saving inventions in his secret laboratory. Also in the mix is big sister Dee Dee, whose hilarious interactions and frequent run-ins with Dexter intersperse the activities with sparkling moments of amusement.

The 45-minute workshop, which fuses curiosity-piquing scientific experiments – such as Volcano Eruption, Flying Ball, and Floating Eggs – with ample dollops of fun and entertainment, will be followed each day by a meet-and-greet session where kids can interact with Dexter and Dee Dee, take pictures with the characters, and receive exciting gifts. “Dexter’s Lab” will entertain visitors four times daily (with a one-day break on 19 January) at 3.45pm, 5.30pm, 7.15pm and 9.00pm.

“This being the 20th anniversary of DSF, we wanted to put together something special for kids where they can not only have fun and enjoy themselves, but learn something along the way and expand their minds,” said Genan El Sayed, Marketing Communications Manager, Reef Mall. “‘Dexter’s Lab’ is a supremely entertaining show that illustrates scientific concepts and principles using a compelling blend of humor and intelligence. The workshops are highly interactive and are designed to nurture learning, demystify science and get kids curious about the world, all while keeping them engaged and amused.”

Kids who wish to join the “Dexter’s Lab” are required to pre-register to participate in the workshops, which accommodate 25 kids per session. Registration will be on first-come, first-served basis. All participating children will be given a white scientist coat which they wear to conduct the experiments alongside the host (Lab Manager).


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