Sony opens its flagship boutique in dubai


Sony announced the opening of its 550-square-metre, high-concept Sony Boutique at the 2nd level of Dubai Mall, in Dubai, UAE, which is is divided into five distinct product zones for gaming, mobility, digital imaging, home entertainment and high-resolution audio. It features Sony music artists playing on audio devices and Sony Pictures movies playing on 4K TVs. Brand specialists, in the mould of Apple Geniuses, are also on hand for in-depth product guidance.

Satoru Arai, head, Sony Middle East Marketing Company, said: “The retail environment has increasingly become more relevant with customers looking to touch, feel and experience products before making their buying decisions. Such experiential retail marketing demands that store environments are built not just to sell products, but also to recreate experiences giving customers the opportunity to connect with the brand and product.

The company expects the outlet to contribute about 40% incremental sales, making it Sony’s most important retail point of presence in the Middle East and Africa region.

Arai added: “The new concept boutique is a platform to preview innovative technologies as well as listen and learn from customer feedback. We are looking at setting new benchmarks in customer service with our new ‘hotel concierge’ style service to visitors. We are looking to gather opinions so we can continually evolve and improve our retail experience. With Sony increasing its focus on providing its customers with an integrated shopping experience, we are keen to engage with consumers at the store beyond sales through conducting exclusive activities such as training seminars for our digital imaging products and lens-on-hire services.”


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