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HP Spectre X360 can be used as a laptop, a tablet, or both. This amazing HP gadget includes features such as those seen in Lenovo’s Yoga range of 2-in-1s. It includes all the features that its predecessors the 11-inch and 15-inch systems flip notebook lacked. This all-aluminium ultraportable laptop includes all amazing features that one can think of possibly.

Its bright extra-wide touchpad, outstanding battery life and amazing display make it one of a kind notebook. Design is one of the primary factors that induce the buyers to own this amazing notebook. The design features of the HP Spectre x360 are a combination of the best ideas outsourced from top-end ultrabooks such as the MacBook Air.

Spectre 3

Its body is made up of aluminium chassis. The polished metal sides of the Spectre x360 forms a nice contrast to its matte finish on the bottom and lid. The minimalist, clean of the lid enhances the charm of the device. HP has placed all its design prowess in the x360.

You will find that a number of notebook makers have included UltraHD display in their high-quality ultrabooks. But HP has eschewed this trend and included 1080p touch screen in its x360, which makes its display very colourful and sharp.

Spectre 2

This makes the battery life last for long. The screen of Spectre x360 can potentially produce 103.2 % sRGB spectrum (any figure around 100 % is considered very good). The 1.25 Delta-E score of its panel boosts the accuracy of its colours display.

The Spectre x360’s speakers aren’t the loudest. Their sound output capacity is up to 82 decibels. Though it may lack behind the (the Yoga 3 (86 dB) and the XPS 13 (94 dB), but 82 decibels is also a decent figure.

You will love typing on the Spectre x360. The keys of the x360 require 62 grams of force for pressing and include 1.34mm of travel; both the numbers can be considered decent. However, a few users may find these figures a slightly mushier but it doesn’t affect the typing speed much. Users can average 59 words in a minute with 92 % accuracy.

Though the x360 may lack a little behind from other top notebooks in terms of audio and keyboard functions, but it’s other super features such as good performance, an attractive design and long battery life, cannot be ignored. The HP Spectre x360 proudly stands amongst the best convertible notebooks available in the market.

In tablet mode, it may be not be as convenient or light as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro but this HP device is offers great features in the given price range. Its long lasting battery and powerful processor makes it really worth it. You can enjoy the benefit of enhanced performance and longer battery life like the Dell XPS 13 in a smaller package. With its amazing features, the Spectre x360 will not disappoint you anyway; it’s going to be a good choice. You are sure get a fun experience with the Spectre x360.

Price: $899 onwards


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