Panasonic launches new palm camcorder

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Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa has announced a new palm camcorder AG-AC30. It targets semi-professional event videographers and is set to replace popular AG-AC90.

This AG-AC30 camcorder has a 1-chip Full-HD camcorder, comes with a new lens capable of a very wide focal range (20x zoom and 29.5mm wide angle), three manual rings for focus, iris, and zoom and two-channel XLR audio inputs. This camcorder is one of the lightest in the class, weighing just 1.5 kg and includes a powerful, integrated LED video light, capable of 300lx at one meter, that supports shooting in dim light. It has a new 1/3.1 –type back side illumination (BSI) sensor, offering excellent resolution and superb image quality.

Its new ‘tally’ feature (an illuminating LED ring that clearly shows when the camcorder is recording), coupled with five axis hybrid Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) corrects blurring thereby improving stability while shooting on the move. Another new feature, the Level Shot, which automatically detects and corrects the tilting of captured images and complements the OIS for professional looking pictures.

This Camcorder also offers endless recording to capture extended events by letting the user exchange cards while shooting. The dual recording functionality can also ensure safe, secure, simultaneous recording so the user has instant fail safe backup.

This feature rich AG-AC30 palm camcorder will be available from September 2016 in the MENA region.


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