Arabic Emoji App HALLA WALLA Launched in UAE

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A new emoji app that captures Arab and Khaleeji lifestyle has been launched in the UAE. Called HALLA WALLA, the new keyboard emoji and sticker app is derived from the saying which roughly translates to ‘what’s up’. “The  app pursues the many glimpses of our culture that we know and love, translating them into the tech age through relatable characters, nostalgic themes and playful GIFs,” said the company in a statement.


“We wanted to create something that we know well and give the Khaleeji culture a boost through our creativity. When it came to representing the modern Middle Eastern voice, we felt there was a real gap in social messaging platforms. From our loud families, endless cousin gatherings and shared meals, to signature phrases, fashion statements, football, shisha and late night shawarma runs – our lives are brimming with inside jokes and over the top emotions that needed a platform to be expressed,” explains Yasmine Rasool, Co- Founder, HALLA WALLA.


The app comes with several emojis, Gifs and stickers expressing every emotion, from angry, to happy to heavily in love – there is an expression for everyone. Introducing our Khaleeji family- Ahmed, Shaikha, Lulu and Waleed are all here to play so text, sms, email with thetailor made Emojis and say it with HALLA WALLA.

Further highlighting why HALLA WALLA was created, Eriko Varkey, Co-Founder, HALLA WALLA, adds, “Arabs have such a rich culture, but no emoticon to express online. In any situation – we use hand gestures, which are laden with emotion. So, to express that stress to hurry up when you are waiting hours for your friend to meet you at the coffee shop – what better way than by screaming YALLA! Hence the reason why HALLA WALLA was born.” The keyboard emoji on iOS and Android and sticker pack.

The launch of HALLA WALLA is set to take place on the 22nd of February at multi-use studio and event space Satellite located in Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz. The party is ‘Khaleeji Childhood’ themed and will be dowsed with Middle Eastern nostalgia, boasting an exciting line-up of DJs, Street Food, Art and Tech related goodies.

The line-up includes:

  • The launch of Rami Farook’s new food venture ‘Khaleeji Tacos’ serving up the party with your new favourite fusion food of Arabic-meets-Latin Tacos.
  • Dubai-based art collective Satwa 3000 shaking things up with their signature blend of pop art, music and vibes.
  • A selection of the cities best DJs hitting up the decks with Arab Disco, Funk, Soul and Dabke including Australian DJ and producer James Locksmith, Flamingods (DJs), London’s heavy hitter Daylomar and Pedro Avenue, the duo comprising of Hussein Mamaseta and
  • A sneak peak at ‘WAIN WALEED’, the sister product of Halla Walla and the first AR game made for the Khaleej in the Khaleej.
  • An interactive look into the world of HALLA WALLA with lots of giveaways.