PhotoFast Launches Audio Recording Solution for iPhone

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Reporting from Taipei, Taiwan: PhotoFast, the leading iOS accessories company based in Taiwan, has announced a new audio recording solution for iOS devices. the new device is called Call Recorder for iDevices. Since Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack for iPhone 7, PhotoFast has come out with this new solution which does not require additional DAC/ADC that may affect audio output.

The device supports 48 kHz lossless PCM format keeping the original audio quality intact. “We have kept challenging the limitation of iOS. While iOS devices have helped users order food, hail cabs, and detect heartbeats, one thing that is still not easy to perform is to record a simple phone call. Recording a call isn’t as simple as merely pressing a button on your iPhone. Hence, in order to get it done you’ll need a simple device and an app. Many users today have a need to record important calls. The introduction of Call Recorder for iDevices also makes data management much more intelligent. The Call Recorder offers complete recording compatibility which PhotoFast believes is the breaking through technology for the modern digital World,” said Warren Wang, PhotoFast’s CEO.

Call Recorder is the first device of its kind for the iPhone, that lets you record, store and share voice and internet phone calls. The device lets you to record all of your important mobile and internet phone conversations with just one touch. Just one touch and all the recordings will go instantly to the in-app storage and the MicroSD card, where you will be able to go back and listen as many times as you need.

To efficiently record and mange your audio files, Call Recorder+ app will help you to control and organise any incoming and out going calls. Call Recorder+ allows editing, rename, copy, move, or share files to the external storage, via mail or message. In order to secure your important files, lock and password settings are enable to protect them. PhotoFast’s Call Recorder is now available for sale starting at $99.