Sony Intros WS623 Walkman

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Sony has announced the launch of its new waterproof and dustproof wearable WS623 Walkman, now with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. The device has been built for use in extreme outdoor conditions or any sporting activity. The WS623 Walkman features an ergonomic, slim and light design that stays in place no matter the movement.

Newly equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, user now have the option of streaming music from your smartphone using the convenient Near-field Communication (NFC) one-touch pairing, or simply store up to 16GB of audio within. The WS623 Walkman is also salt waterproof, allowing you to swim to a depth of 2 meters with up to 30 minutes of submerged time.

It is also dustproof, making it perfect for any sand based activity or a run along the beach. It also comes with standard earbuds and specially designed waterproof earbuds that are covered with a thin film to prevent water damage to the Walkman and optimise sound levels for underwater listening.

Together with a temperature feature, the Walkman can endure extreme temperatures from -5°C to 45°C, making it ideal for a hike or climb. The WS623 Walkman is currently available for AED 499.