Optoma interactive flat panel displays compatible with more apps


Optoma announced that its interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) are now compatible with more apps than ever before. The device comes with a number of pre-installed apps as well as free compatible apps that can be easily downloaded from the marketplace area on the display.

These include an intuitive videoconferencing app (Zoom) and the super quick Screenshare app that allows multiple people in a meeting to simply type in a code and be able to share their laptop or PC screen. You can also use a mobile device with this app to share documents or photos from the device or even to turn the device into a mouse for the display.

All Microsoft Office documents can be opened on the screen with the pre-installed WPS app and Cloud Drive allows users to save documents to the cloud via Google Drive or OneDrive.

Designed for corporate and education environments, Optoma’s multi-touch interactive flat panel displays boast 4K UHD resolution and 20-point touch.  All displays come with wall mount, three interactive pens and WiFi/Bluetooth dongle for BYOD (bring your own device) wireless connectivity as standard.

James Fursse, Technical Product Specialist,said “The interactive flat panels have all the functionality that a business would need to wirelessly present and annotate documents, engage and involve people in meetings and then save and share afterwards.”

Optoma IFPDs have certification for low blue light by independent world leaders in product testing, TÜV Rheinland.  This certifies that Optoma IFPDs produce no hazardous UV light andemit minimal blue light (which causes eyestrain and tiredness). Available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ sizes, they feature anti-glare glass and boast extensive connectivity.

List of Pre-installed apps that come as standard on Optoma IFPDs 

Free Apps on Marketplace