Wacom launches smart stylus for Windows 10 devices

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Wacom announced the launch of Bamboo Ink Plus, the company’s latest smart stylus for the Windows Ink Workspace featuring an improved design that will allow creative thinkers to freely sketch and draw, take hand-written notes, as well as mark up documents on compatible Windows 10 pen-enabled PCs.

The overall drawing and writing experience of Bamboo Ink Plus have improved dramatically over the previous model with some internal component upgrades that create a more natural and accurate inking experience, including a lighter touch for better line quality and feedback as well as the introduction of tilt recognition.

“The Bamboo Ink Plus is a high-precision stylus that will appeal to a wide range of creative users who appreciate being able to draw or write on their PC no matter where they are – home, office, school, plane, park bench, virtually anywhere,” says Heidi Wang, Senior Vice President of Wacom’s Ink Division.

When combined with Windows Ink Workspace, the quick and easy pen-driven feature on Windows 10 devices, Bamboo Ink Plus allows users to sketch and take notes directly on their screen in a dedicated inking environment such as Sticky Notes or Screen Sketch. The stylus can also launch a pen-enabled app like Bamboo Paper, where notes or sketches created in the app can be synchronized across devices with Wacom’s Inkspace service to store, access and manage notes and sketches in the cloud.