Immortal Planet Coming to PC on July 28th

On the icy surface of a forgotten planet stand ruined tombs where immortals sleep. While sleepless warriors roam the halls with their minds ...[Read More]

“James Bomb” Releases on Google Play and iTunes App Store

NeoBricks GmbH and PINGPONG FACTORY are announcing the Official Launch of James Bomb on Google Play and iTunes App Store, and its new Traile...[Read More]

Atari Outs New Retro-Themed Gaming Console Based On PC Tech

Atari has been teasing a new game console since before E3, but the project has been light on details. But an email to fans from the Ataribox...[Read More]

Yahoo Japan’s New Gaming Platform Bypasses App Stores

Yahoo Japan Corp., operator of the nation’s second-most popular website, announced a new web-based gaming platform called Game Plus. The new...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts III Coming 2018

Kingdom Hearts III is a game we’ll believe exists when it’s finally on store shelves, and even then it might be a stretch. Kingdom Hea...[Read More]

Call Of Duty: WWII Zombies Trailer Leaks Online

Anyone who’s played a Call of Duty title in the last few years knows that certain titles in series include a very popular zombies mode, wher...[Read More]

“Overwatch” Boasts Awesome Post-Launch Support

A couple of months ago, Blizzard Entertainment celebrated the first anniversary for “Overwatch”. It included several limited in-game rewards...[Read More]

Disney Launches New AR Headset with Star Wars Holochess

Mike Goslin from Disney Advanced Technology showed off something that the Imagineers have been working on for some time at D23 Expo 2017 in ...[Read More]

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Lost and Abandoned Gameplay Walkthrough

2K and Firaxis Games have released the “Lost and Abandoned Gameplay Walkthrough” for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. In this gameplay video playe...[Read More]

Logitech Acquires Astro Gaming for $85 Million

Logitech has just purchased access to the console audio-headset market by acquiring Astro Gaming. The company already has a significant pres...[Read More]

WWE 2K18 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

2K today announced that WWE 2K18, the forthcoming release in the flagship WWE video game franchise, will be released on Nintendo Switch this...[Read More]

Here Are All the Three Special Pokemon in Pokemon Go’s Anniversary Event

After a lot of anticipation and speculation, Pokemon Go’s newest event is underway. While players were expecting an extravaganza to ce...[Read More]

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