Nokia brings the classic snake game back to life

For all those nostalgic users of Nokia, the company brings the classic snake game back to life with augmented reality. Snake Mask and Snake ...[Read More]

Facebook partners with AUD for internship program

Facebook partners with the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) at the American University in Dubai, to launch a dedicated B...[Read More]

Facebook Removes a VR Shooting Demo From its CPAC Booth

Facebook pulled violent virtual reality games, including one in which players pretend to shoot people in a train station

Is Facebook Really for “Old People”?

Facebook is losing young users at an even faster clip to Snapchat than previously forecast, according to new research from eMarketer.

Facebook to Push More Local Stories into its News Feed

In order to battle the issue of fake news on its platform, Facebook is taking a few steps that includes prioritising local sources. The soci...[Read More]

Facebook to Prioritise “Trustworthy” Sources in its News Feed

Facebook has announced that from now on, it will prioritise “trustworthy” sources for its news feed.

Some Apps Are Tracking Your TV Viewing Habits Through Your Phone’s Mic

We have already been bombarded with various conspiracy theories about how companies such as Facebook and Google have been using our phone’s ...[Read More]

Facebook to Clamp Down on Posts That Beg for Likes and Shares

Facebook has announced yet another initiative to clamp down on the number of spammy posts appearing in your News Feed.

Facebook To Invest $1B In Original Video Content

Facebook wants to take on YouTube by the horns by pumping in a whopping $1 billion over the next year on original video content. According t...[Read More]

Facebook Covertly Launches Mobile App in China

Facebook, whose social media platform is blocked in China, has authorised a local company to launch a photo-sharing application in the count...[Read More]

Facebook Pulls the Plug on its Teen-Exclusive App Lifestage

Facebook has killed Lifestage, the standalone app it released almost one year ago as a dedicated social network for high schoolers. Lifestag...[Read More]

Amazon Prepping Messaging App Called Anytime

The leading online retail company might take on Facebook’s WhatsApp with its own messaging app. Amazon is allegedly working on a new m...[Read More]

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